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5 reasons why you must have a good API


What is an API? It's a question everyone asks! Okay… not really, but we're glad you did!
Let's say hello to the golden buzzer within the tech industry today.

API is a software intermediary between you and your apps or between apps.

All API acts use your phone to send a message or check the weather.

Think of the waiter in a restaurant who takes your order, gets your food, and your bill right after. This waiter's the restaurant's API, sparing you the work behind the scenes.

API could also:

  • Simplify app development
  • Save time and money
  • Give you flexibility
  • Provide administration to expand your brand.

Here are 5 reasons you must have a good API.

1- Assemble your foundation using an API

The best API advantages flourish when you build your initial blocks.

For instance, if your business involves food delivery.

You can use a phone's geolocation API to locate the riders, one API to communicate messages to them, and another API to handle payments.

APIs are all about connecting the trim pieces to form the bigger picture. They allow you to use data quickly and efficiently when looking to do something specific with the information.

2- Upsell & add SaaS value with an API

APIs integrate well with SaaS products, as they're built on a distributed model. Large corporate clients notice this and tend to want better adjustments into their workflows using the API!

While CRM vendors like Zoho offer accessible backend API data to their clients to adjust freely, Global CRM SaaS providers like Salesforce provide this data for higher-end subscribers only.

The possibilities are endless, as others may offer full API access to tempt users as an additional part of a monthly subscription or a specific package with a different price.

3- APIs Automate everything

Computers can manage work with APIs without human interactions.

You can quickly update workflows through APIs, make the information delivery more flexible, access the app components, or automatically publish content the way you like.

Top 5 reasons why you must have a good API

4- Go API and gain more traffic

You should consider launching APIs if you run your own businesses

That'll help you reach new target audiences across online platforms and have the potential to:

  • Extend your customer-reach
  • Support your marketing activities
  • Increase your revenue
  • Ease integration of backend data

5- APIs and innovators, simpler than ever

There's no need to be a technology expert to profit from building a platform.

By saving time and engineering hours that would have been required to build a platform, APIs allow you a new experience while utilizing what is already adopted.

All happens via repackaging API data, from which you can simply build the products.

Top 5 reasons why you must have a good API

Final thoughts

API can come in different policies like private for you, partner with a business, or public for all users. It could also, as we mentioned, simplify app development, save time and money, give you flexibility and administration to expand your brand.

Fusing an API in your product is a game-changer and can bring a competitive edge.

Also, don't forget that an API comes equipped with maintenance, which ultimately makes them cheaper in the long run.

Overall, APIs can take care of many functions of your company, which gives you enough time and space to focus on and improve what your company does best.

What is an API? Learn APIs 101 from David Berlind, editor-in-chief with ProgrammableWeb

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