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Considerations For Your New Startup Venture


So you’ve had plans in mind of putting up a small business but you don’t know how or where to start. You can go and start reading and researching about opening up a business and you can quickly learn about how there are various articles and pieces written about the specificities of owning a business. Legal documents, branding, launching services, you name it and there’s an article for it. Count this one as a loose and general list of things to consider before delving deep into your chosen industry.

Let’s condense all of those things into three major points: Cost, Location, and Target Market


At this point, we are going to generalize the total cost of your business scheme. Learn the industry and ask around how much would it take to cover the initial setup of your small business. Take note of your initial fees, legal papers, first inventory of stations, supplies, and stocks. Be precise and organized with these kinds of information, put it in a spreadsheet and send a copy out to everyone who’s going to be involved in the process. Back it up every time you or one of your team members update it.

Being organized with your total inventory and budget will help you a lot down the road. Start small and work your way up into a more secure, complex, and systemized way of organizing expenditures.


With the industry booming with new startups and e-commerce, you have to ask yourself if you’re better starting off with a physical location. Going traditional with location can help you establish your name with locals of the immediate area, but going into the future of e-commerce will have you releasing your brands with a larger audience and an even larger platform. Going to the cloud for business will even benefit you tremendously because you are not really required to have a physical location other than a warehouse or an office space for your inventory and/or team.

If you’re thinking of going to the world of e-commerce and creating your own site while being safe in the hands of cloud experts, look no further. Here at ServerHub, we host services that will launch your brand into audiences that you’ll have a hard time reach given the geographical disadvantages.

This point is very essential to the planning phase, identifying your TARGET MARKET.

Your business should appeal to a certain industry and a certain demographic from that industry. For instance, you’ve created a product that this mainly marketed towards the animation industry, you have to identify your specific demographic or group of people from that industry. Is your product or service lean towards traditional 2D animators, o does it appeal more to the 3D market? Use these identifiers to learn more about how to sell or peddle your services and products to your intended market.

Feel free to use these condensed points to sort out your preferences or specificities in and about your business. But do remember that a business is a life-long journey and a big commitment; research, learn, and understand every little aspect of starting a business before you take things into a serious turn.

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