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What is XaaS platform? Beginner's guide to everything as a service


Are you looking for unique ways to lessen costs, save space, gain scalability, and better security all at the same time? If your answer is a definitive yes, welcome to the XaaS world!

Whether a beforehand-made software or a platform yours to build from scratch, there’s a magical cloud model out there that can effortlessly meet and fit your exact needs.

XaaS overview

XaaS (everything as a service) generally stands for services related to the cloud computing/remote access world. It represents the tools and technologies available to be delivered to users, paid or unpaid, over the internet.

Most likely it’ll be like renting the tech, where you don’t own the actual thing, but it goes by the pay-as-you-go model. For example, ready applications or mere infrastructures.

Each XaaS model, by default, will deliver different types of customizations and functions. That’s why it’s recommended to figure out your exact goals and basic needs for your current phase, before enrolling in the roller coaster.

XaaS examples

As countless examples of XaaS come and go, the three most common cloud computing models are Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

SaaS, which stands for software as a service, is an application that’s available right there to save you time, effort, and prevent you from developing an app from scratch.

You’ll get that for a cost-effective price that won’t only cover your usage, but also any updates or maintenance required in case of sudden shutdowns. All to be handled by the third-party provider who’s responsible for the app.

PaaS, which stands for platform as a service is a cloud-based solution that’s, unlike the premade SaaS apps, allows you to create your own apps or other software projects varying from storage to servers.

It saves you the need of buying/storing specific hardware and is more tailored to your needs, but it’ll all come in the currency of efforts and time required.

IaaS, which stands for Infrastructure as a service, offers you computing power to scale products, and a pay-as-you-go model to pay based on your time and usage.

It gives you access to additional resources such as extra storage, but it ultimately depends on your IaaS provider. Meaning that you totally depend on their reliability and uptime. Otherwise, your company can face unwanted consequences.

Hand touches XaaS network with buildings background

XaaS pros

Flexibility, scalability, and enhanced technical support are on top when it comes to XaaS.

Feel free to take a deeper look at this effortless SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS comparison. Otherwise, the other benefits can include:

Companies on a diet

You won’t need to spend huge resources of money and time to expand. On the contrary, your company -especially if it’s a startup- won’t need to build data warehouses or bring in tons of hardware.

You can simply include XaaS providers to take care of any unnecessary drama.

Easier scalability than ever

Switch Your chosen plan to quickly scale up and down with your XaaS provider in mere minutes.

Cost-effective solutions

Your best costly options come live when it comes to XaaS companies and providers. Growing, shrinking, or even canceling are instantly available based on your current business needs. Providing you with more flexibility and appealing subscription plans altogether.

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XaaS cons

Despite the good traits, performance and security issues are still object to rise. It can come to:

Security and performance issues

Of course, entrusting your reputation and sensitive data to a provider makes you more vulnerable. Make sure you pick your XaaS company with the utmost attention to detail.

Your best cost options come live when it comes to XaaS companies and providers. Growing, shrinking, or even canceling are instantly available based on your current business needs. Providing you with more flexibility and appealing subscription plans altogether.

Also, picking a company with decent speed and resilience makes you more immune to any business disruption or being under the mercy of your provider’s team.

Unpleasant fee surprises

Depending on a XaaS company will surely cost you less than having servers and warehouses, but you wanna pay double attention to what you’re getting yourself into.

For example, before any signups, examine the contract carefully, and always compare prices.



The XaaS model is getting more popular by the second. It is expected to expand, move forward, and gain traction. Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic that the world lives in.

Winston Churchill once said: “never waste a good crisis”. And I say, cheers to Winston!

Take the chance now to maximize value and inject agility into your cloud-business world with the XaaS model, your one-way (almost free) ticket to the enterprise’s world, in no time.

It can be cost-effective and flexible, but unsafe against hacks and hidden fees.
Which do you think is the best XaaS provider? Can it be just the one thing you need for your business?

Tell us in the comments below, and let others indulge your experience!

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