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Why Server Locations Are Important


If satisfaction and positive feedback is what keeps you up and running, you must be critical about choosing the right things for your site and services. A good business has a clean backroom. Do not settle for what seems to be less, strive for the top of the line services to cater to your business needs. As an owner, you must have the knowledge of what can keep the site afloat and run smoothly.

From North America to Europe, your site viewers come from all over the world. Are you sure that your server’s location giving them the best speeds to connect with you properly? You have chosen an affordable hosting provider but are you one hundred percent sure that the services they have offered are right for your business needs? You must equip yourself with adequate knowledge about how your server location can greatly impact your business run.

Here are three things on why choosing an optimal location for your server is important.


Believe it or not, even a two-second delay can drive away impatient users. Two seconds may not seem like a lot but research shows that most people are deterred by slow loading sites. Loading times represents two things: your internet speed and how fast can servers handle the flow of data. Slow loading times can sometimes happen because of how a server handles data when there is oncoming traffic. That is why you should think about getting a dedicated server. A dedicated server holds only one tenant-- that is you. That means you have exclusivity on how much data can your server handle. If you think that it is time for an upgrade, give your provider a call.


Your server’s location can and may influence the way your site reaches your audience. If the majority of your users are from the USA, it is a smart move if you pick a server based in the country. Especially when your SEO rankings may be influenced by the server location. In an instance, such as if many of your audience is from New York, your google search ranking may be higher there than, let's say, in Minnesota. Even the one of Google’s Department Heads, Matt Cutts said that local search ranks are determined by the site's IP address. Your host might have several other servers internationally if you have to expand your site there. Make sure that your provider is ready to assist you anytime if you decided to expand services abroad.


On the other hand, let's talk about another important aspect of the location, and that is data privacy. Your chosen server provider has your site's and your site's visitors' data. If your server is located in the USA, your data will be protected under the data privacy law dedicated to US citizens. If you are accessing data across the pond AKA from Europe, your data will be protected by GDPR. Your audience’s data should be your number one priority since they have put their trust in you, make sure that your provider can hold the end of their bargain.

These are just some of the things that will help you choose the right provider and the right location for your server. You must think about the needs of your business and how can it cater to your users in order to pull in more traffic and sales. Your target market can grow exponentially with the right tools and the right ways, your business can grow from an exclusive demographic to a more inclusive one, just like if you are thinking about expanding into territories outside of your immediate vicinity. Of course, as always, accessibility is very important to owners. You should have the option to access your data and information as you needed even if you are not in the area of your server or if you are not readily available at the time. You and your provider must make equal efforts in order to maintain order on both ends. Be transparent on what plans and services you may want to avail or the upgrades you want in the future and be precise on where you would want your first intercity or international expansion would be. Above all, you must keep a clear way of communication between both parties.

If you want a trustworthy provider who has a vast experience in hosting domestically and internationally, ServerHub offers a list of affordable bare-metal dedicated servers with locations all over the world, from Phoenix, Arizona to Amsterdam, Netherlands, ServerHub has a perfect location for you. Our support team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, so you do not have to worry about not being able to reach an expert if you need one. You do not have to think about losing users of server availability because of server downtimes. Customer satisfaction is very important for us here in ServerHub, we take good care of our clients, both parties grow with each other.

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