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What is AI in web hosting? Clear History and types of artificial intelligence revealed


The Digital revolution has changed the face of technology and everything related to it, which by default brought us web hosting and AI, or artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence’s all about mimicking the human mind’s problem-solving skills.

After all, that’s how machines and computers came to be scary smart in today’s world.

But how did all of this begin? Is this even healthy? Shall me, you, or specific people be concerned?

From general AI, machine learning to neural networks. It’s time to shed light on some demanded answers in this seamless AI guide and its relation to web hosting.

What is AI (artificial intelligence)?

There’s no ultimate answer.

While some describe it as the science of making intelligent computer programs using methods that are not biologically observable.

Others, like Alan Turing, who people often referred to as the father of computer science, asked the famous question: can machines think?

With such an unsettling perspective, he introduced us to the Turing Test.

The test goal was to determine whether a computer is capable of thinking like a human being!

Generally, AI has the potential capacity to learn, plan, perceive, execute, or even manipulate on a human intelligence level.

Bonus definition goes to Francois Chollet, who created Keras, a machine-learning neural network library:

"Intelligence is not a skill itself; it’s how well and efficiently you can learn new things."


The key history of artificial intelligence

The idea of a thinking machine has been argued over decades, if not generations.

Yet, according to the most recent vital electronic evolutions, here are the top cornerstone events.

  • Back in 1950: Alan Turing triggered a daring question of whether computers can think on a human intelligence level. He introduced us to the famous Turing Test along the seminal paper called: "Computing Machinery and Intelligence," which described his test in greater detail to the public.

  • Moving forward to 1956: where the “logic theorist,” the first artificial intelligence program, was developed by Herbert Simon, Allen Newell, and John Clifford Shaw.

  • Up to 1967: when Frank Rosenblatt built the neural network-based computer to learn via trial/error.

  • And 1980: when the backpropagation algorithm self-training neural networks become notable among artificial intelligence apps.

Other worthy games-related AI mentions:

• 1997: IBM Deep Blue wins a chess match over Garry Kasparov, world chess champion.

• 2011: IBM Watson wins at Jeopardy over champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.

• 2016: in an intense GO (or Weiqi) match, DeepMind's AlphaGo program defeats world champion Lee Sedol.

AI and web hosting

Artificial Intelligence analyzes data in more accurate ways, qualifying it as a priority in corporate IT departments. Moreover, web hosting providers utilize it to protect their clients.

Malware and other types of cyber-attacks may emerge and evolve, increasing threats swiftly and making them more sophisticated than ever. Hence, machine learning became a critical help with preparations.

This builds a constant hand-in-hand race between the web hosting providers’ cybersecurity defenses and cybercriminals.

Web hosting providers rely on state-of-the-art technology to protect their customers, as AI has proven an excellent cybersecurity feature for their clients.

The more AI advances, the more it will minimize the growing security breaches. Something that is crucial for all website managers, clients, and hosting providers.


How AI improves the web hosting industry

Produce Data-driven Reports

AI helps the company authorities generate past or present data-based reports while explaining the reasons for any changes.

Additionally, the AI can analyze critical info such as the regular rate, the purchase rate, etc. Helping with identifying current and potentially loyal customers.

Improved Security

Cyber-attacks are increasing daily, and website owners are more cautious about their online business than at any time before, as attackers are trying to access their website networks by force. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in, to sabotage by its turn these malware threats.

Artificial intelligence uses advanced firewall technology to identify the dangerous encrypted patterns along with the threats they can cause.

The AI alerts the web hosting company stakeholders and their clients once it detects the bug and warns them about any potential damage before it’s too late.

If that’s not enough, the AI can improve its cyber-attack prediction rates and defense against future attacks with its machine learning skills.

Better Domain Performance

Before making critical decisions, you can use the AI to track a duplicated domain purchase or domain usage through a proxy server.

Since a domain name is an essential factor in running a website, anyone trying to clone it or set up a dummy site using it can backfire on the main beholder with severe consequences.

Also, AI can detect conversions, traffics, and primary website data. These features protect the reputation of the client’s domain while increasing the overall ROI and productivity rates.

Outstanding Accuracy

Artificial intelligence performs tiresome and time-consuming tasks with ease. Simple yet deep, AI assures seamless and accurate site performance.

Nevertheless, AI can go all the extra miles from providing chat responses, delivering calls and voice messages, up to sending automated text messages. Decreasing the need for actual human work.

AI services

All vital infrastructures and services are available from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services. Including:

  • Having considerable data to train computer-learning models
  • Displaying the results clearly with visualization tools
  • Simplifying the models building process
  • Preparing data for practical analysis.


Different types of artificial intelligence

The main two artificial intelligence types include:

Narrow AI: represented through ordinary computers we interact with almost daily.

It is the art of intelligent systems that managed to learn to perform distinct tasks without from-scratch programming.

That’s the reason why they’re called narrow AI, as they learn and perform only delineate tasks.

Additionally, the narrow AI can:

  • Act as a chatbot to solve customer queries
  • Interpret visual drones’ videos
  • Help with organizing both personal and business schedules

General AI: more related and similar to humans’ intelligence, it can learn to execute almost any task.

Moreover, general AI can:

  • Solve problems with self-conscious
  • Learn, plan, and execute for future events
  • Exceed the abilities of a human intelligence

AI use cases (applications)

By now, you must be aware that AI can almost be a part of anything in life!
The most common real-world examples include:

  • Recommendation AI: AI algorithms can help discover ways to develop efficient cross-selling technics using past consumption behavior data, such as providing recommendations to customers during their online checkout process.

  • Customer support: You must’ve encountered a chatbot instead of a human agent at least once; that’s because most businesses now use AI chatbots to deliver instant yet accurate answers, at least for all the basic questions.

  • Recognition by speech: like the famous worldwide Siri, ASR (automatic speech recognition) can also transfer our human speech and process it in a written output using natural language processing.

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You made it to the moment of truth!

After cheering up with the fact that you now know the complete AI history and how it’s related to the web hosting industry, you still got many ways left to go!

If you’re thinking of something that’s right there at your fingertip, ServerHub can spare you all the technical details -plus many more-.

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What are the best practices you’ll follow to enhance your website’s security? What content are you planning to have?

Tell us in the comments below how will-you put your newly gained knowledge into good use!

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