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We've updated the look and feel of ServerHub Notifications delivered to your inbox

We're pretty excited today about some changes that have been implemented to our notification system. We've rolled out a new streamlined look and feel to all user interaction emails between our customers and ServerHub. Over the past several months we have gone through different variations of email templates of all colors, shapes and sizes with one goal in mind: Simplicity.

Prior to our launch today, if a user was to register a new service or receive an invoice, they would be greeted with the following email template and context:

Circa 2012 - 2015

ServerHub Old Notification

When ServerHub launched the new version of it's website back in September 2012, all email templates were updated in tandem with the site launch to reflect the branding of our then current website.

Fast forward to the end of 2015. A lot has changed in the email world, and simplicity and elegance is key to effective communication delivery.

With that being said, starting today, active customers and new customer registrations will begin to receive a new streamlined email communication with every interaction with ServerHub.

2015 and beyond

ServerHub Old Notification

Here’s what’s new in this release:

Simplicity: We've streamlined verbiage, message delivery is more clear and to the point. Easy to understand communication has been our primary focus.

Modern Design:
Our latest update encompasses the vision and spirit of our current ServerHub 2.0 Design and Framework. Delivering everything you would expect from our unification of ServerHub and HubGrid.

Jargon Elimination: We've eliminated text we consider jargon or useless. Instead of including codes and hard to understand policy notifications in alert action emails, we've again streamlined communication to alert customers who may be in violation of policy with simple easy to read notifications and clear instructions on how to gain compliance with our policies

What's next:

The rollout of our new communication design has been completed and it has been implemented site wide. As with anything, if you experience any formatting issues or have any concerns please give us your comments. We hope you enjoy the new streamlined communication, may your inbox be filled with modern design!

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