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Top 5 reasons to deploy a private cloud


It gets easier every day to get confused between the cloud deployment models. One hour you have a public cloud, the next is a private cloud, and then you end up with a hybrid cloud?

Whether it’s the public cloud’s expectations vs. reality and why it’s probably your best cloud deployment, up to the easiest-explanation for the complicated/mixed hybrid cloud deployment. We have taken it upon our shoulders to dissect every single model for you.

A private cloud is a cloud architecture that is dedicated to a single organization. It allows organizations to use their own infrastructure that can be hosted within or outside them.

The private cloud shares some essential appearances with the public cloud. For instance, it has virtualization capabilities with computing resources, and it is scalable.

Now that you know that a private cloud is one of the leading cloud deployments, here are the top 5 reasons why it became one and why it can be your most suitable cloud deployment option.

1-Choose your desired machine

Private clouds allow you to choose the most suitable hardware/software for your needs, unbound to a limited stock that a cloud provider has to offer.

No matter what you end up with, a private cloud can run virtual machines, promoting itself as a number one option for maximizing hardware usage.

2-More cost-effective than ever

A private cloud does scale indeed automatically, but unlike a public cloud, the cost of the private cloud doesn’t grow as the service scales up.

Introducing at the same time the self-service system: granting users the ability to access the private cloud without IT complexities.

That is one of the most significant reasons for a business to consider a private cloud, as it’s easier to scale up and provide extra services, even without additional configuration required by the IT team.

3-Absolute security & privacy control

The improved security level of private clouds is more significant compared to the public cloud, as all your files and data are saved/managed on servers accessible only to your company (single-tenant environment).

Apart from increasing the data privacy levels, your organization doesn’t need to worry about the physical security of the infrastructure if your server is on-site.

Also, suppose your servers are located in a data center. In that case, they will be accessible by your same internal IT team through a highly secure network instead of the unsecured regular internet connection.

Beware, it is your IT department that will be held accountable at the end of the day for any potential wrongdoings or, for example, sensitive data leaks to third-party providers.

Top 5 reasons to deploy a private cloud

4-Transformation to a hybrid cloud

It’s no secret that private cloud users will at some point need to migrate to a hybrid environment to meet all their needs and get the best of both worlds (public and private clouds).

Enjoying all the private cloud benefits in addition to the public cloud features indeed is tempting, and guess what?

Going from a private to a hybrid cloud is way easier than going from a public one, as choosing the public cloud first may highly limit your infrastructure choices.

5-Efficiency & availability

Private clouds are not-only pretty much available everywhere across the world, which is more than what can be said for a public cloud. But also, they can be hosted on privately hosted environments, giving you:

  • more control over your data and infrastructure
  • prompt interference for any critical changes needed
  • accurate application monitoring and analytics to both predict and prevent any downtime.

Top 5 reasons to deploy a private cloud

Final thoughts

That concludes our top 5 reasons why you have to deploy a private cloud, but in a world with ever-changing technology, your journey is just getting started!

In the meantime, if you find this list helpful, take a look at our other 5 reasons lists!

Otherwise, stay tuned for other interesting lists and top reasons on our ServerHub blog, or read some of our top-visited articles below to satisfy your patience, because one can never wait too long.

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