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ServerHub to Join Any2 Los Angeles Peering Exchange


We are making some pretty exciting changes to our network not only in Los Angeles but globally this month. But we wanted to highlight some exciting news taking place this month. We are excited to be joining the Any2 peering exchange in Los Angeles this month. Any2 is home to many exciting companies such as Apple Inc., NetFlix, Inc., Yahoo! Inc., China Telecom, CloudFlare, Inc., and CoreSite just to name a very few out of the over 100+ peers that are currently on the West Coast Exchange.

“ServerHub's decision to peer with Any2 in Los Angeles is going to yield benefits not only for the clients within our Los Angeles facility but our users around the globe,” states Rohip Sidiqi, “by peering with Any2, our network will be faster and more stable, improving latency and fault tolerance.”

We expect to have the exchange peer up and running by Mid-May, once lit our users on the West Coast will enjoy ~1ms connectivity to some of the largest companies and peers on the exchange.

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