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ServerHub expands to the Big Apple citing heavy demand in New York


New York City is the largest market in the United States for Internet Infrastructure and home to some the world's largest and most successful businesses, especially in the Financial Markets; timing and latency is everything. New York is also the premier gateway location for customers needing connectivity in the Eastern United States.

“Our customers have made it clear that New York City is a must-have location and it was extremely important to ensure a prime downtown location that was a true New York City,” states John Brancela, Chief Executive Officer of ServerHub. customers have made it clear on the need to establish business operations in the heart of Silicon Alley.

Reliability and scalability are of the utmost importance to ServerHub’s global infrastructure platform, which serves customers in over 120 countries ranging from global enterprises to startups. Customers relying on ServerHub receive cutting-edge speed and unprecedented uptime – making it feel as though servers that are worlds apart are actually sitting side-by-side.

This New York City facility will allow us to meet the ever evolving demands of our customers and provide decreased latency to customers in Europe through peering agreements with AMS-IX, NY-IX and DE-CIX in the region.

Services in the New York region are available beginning today for IronMetal Dedicated Servers, IronGrid Big Data and IronGrid SSD services.

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