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Saas Marketing in 2019


You’ve probably heard about SaaS— Software-as-a-Service— all businesses running SaaS is basically provides people and other enterprises third-party software through and across the Internet. Most of the products that SaaS providers are pedaling towards the market is for convenience and accessibility for all the people involved in the process for developing their businesses.

Just take G Suite for example, G Suite is a SaaS platform developed by the Internet giant, Google. G Suite has everything plus some more; it has the normal Gmail, Hangout, G Drive, calendar, notes, and everything you can get with a personal account, the plus is that G Suite is made for enterprises with employees who are relying on SaaS platforms to get their work done. G Suite offers custom email with around the clock support for concerns and general inquiry about the services they offer.

So what’s this thing called SaaS Marketing?

We all know what marketing does and how it impacts businesses and individuals. Marketing is the process of promoting and getting the word out about a SaaS Platform. It also has the tried and tested process of traditional marketing which are customer analysis, market research, ads purchasing, and so on. With SaaS Marketing, it is trying to entice people— individuals, enterprises, startup companies— to ‘subscribe’ to the SaaS Platform you’re pedaling towards them. Just make sure that you’ve thoroughly done your market research because there will be situations where leads can turn into opportunities, which then can turn into potential sales. Therefore generating revenue for the parties involved.

What are the benefits of SaaS Marketing?

To start it off, you get the best of SaaS and Marketing. All the good things from them came together to help individuals and companies, be it big or small, to make the management of their business a bit more tolerable and less hassle.

SaaS Marketing leans toward providing solutions to companies, so the end product of the whole process is not really something tangible. The results can be seen when it has taken effect, such as there are less backlogs and support teams are not always bombarded with complaints from clients and customers.

The SaaS Marketing audience are a mix of small to medium businesses looking to migrate from in-house hosting to cloud computing, since almost half of the industry is looking to deviate from housing their own servers to subscribing to a Cloud Provider instead. The reason why is that maintaining an in-house server with its own team can be tedious and even more expensive in the long run.
The risk of losing so much data due to physical damages (natural or man-made) is too big and some of these companies are not willing to pay the price.

SaaS Marketing can be the future of hosting and service providers. It’s a low-risk commitment, if you think about it; you’re subscribing, not buying, to a service that offers high flexibility and accessibility to everyone who’s involved with your business. Not to mention that SaaS Marketing has a lot of potential and there is a large room and capacity to even venture and learn a lot out there.

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