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In Skilled Hands: A Data Center Technician’s Tasks


Data Center Operations

If you're a business head, you might've already been briefed on the role that data centers play in your operations. Data centers house physical servers that store business information and let peers communicate with each other. The important and intensive tasks in a data center requires an expert eye to ensure the servers stay up and running. This is where data center technicians come in, with their expertise handling not only physical servers, but hardware networks, computer equipment, and the like.

9-5 and Graveyard

Data center technicians are on-call in case a problem arises on the client's end. These stakeholders could be businesses or professionals that invested in the said data center, and these clients aren't necessarily of the same time zone. Many data center technicians don't work the usual 9-to-5 hours, and instead do graveyard, holiday, or weekend shifts. This enables them to respond quickly to calls 24/7, so that disrupted business operations would resume immediately. Here's a closer look at the tasks that these technicians specialize in.

Preventative Maintenance

Working in a data center involves preventive maintenance on the cables and devices that fill the whole area. Data center techs inspect power sources and various controls to ensure machines don't overheat. Another aspect of preventive maintenance includes manually checking equipment pieces to ensure everything runs smoothly in such a tight space. Different components might have specific maintenance needs, which the data center tech has to familiarize themselves with.

Server Repairs and Troubleshooting

Data center techs are also tasked with repairing servers in case it becomes affected by malfunctioning hardware or software. Fixing these servers is crucial because they are what clients rely on for data storage, internal communication, and various business operations. The technician usually has to run a test to spot and fix any failing parts. It's expected to keep a record of these so that others will now what the problem was and how it was repaired.

Technical Support for Other Members

Technicians aren't only expected to provide support for clients, but to fellow members of the data center team as well. They could be in charge of coming up with solutions for future troubleshooting situations, as well as educating junior staff members on the basics of the job as they get on board. These technicians can also be called to join other projects outside servers and data centers that might need their insights.

Installing or Upgrading Equipment

Data center techs also install or upgrade equipment to replace or improve upon existing ones. The technician could be tasked with components of the CPU, fiber cables, memory hard drives, and the like. Once the equipment has been installed, the technician usually has to inform other members like software or networking engineers to ensure cyber security or other important measures are done. This way, the newly-installed equipment will run with no problems.

In Skilled Hands

By now, you've seen the duties and responsibilities that make a data center technician an adept in his or her field. It's essential for them to be capable in these tasks because entire companies or organizations depend on servers in data centers to function properly. With the training and experience of a data center technician, business operations around the globe run smoothly with minimum glitches along the way.

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