How to Install and Use PuTTY to SSH into your web server


One of the most powerful tools that you will use with your ServerHub Bare Metal Servers, VPS Servers or Cloud Instances is definitely SSH. SSH which stands for Secure Shell is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over a typically unsecured network. It is by far an important tool outside of using »

Direct IP Peering Relationships and Why We Invest Heavily in Them


The Internet has been around now for quite some time. In a nutshell, the internet is a group of autonomous and separate networks. Each of these networks operates with IP addresses and leverages BGP which is a Border Gateway Protocol. Through this system, any user on the internet is then able to connect with any »

5 Reasons why a Bare Metal Dedicated Server is the Right Choice


Are you looking to find the best Dedicated Hosting Provider and considering using Bare Metal Dedicated Servers for your Application or Website? Running an online business can be very challenging. Choosing a Server Infrastructure Provider is one of the most important decisions you need to make for your online business. It is important to invest »

ServerHub expands to the Big Apple citing heavy demand in New York


New York City is the largest market in the United States for Internet Infrastructure and home to some the world's largest and most successful businesses, especially in the Financial Markets; timing and latency is everything. New York is also the premier gateway location for customers needing connectivity in the Eastern United States. “Our customers have »

ServerHub Hops the Pond. Expands into Germany.


Frankfurt, Germany is home to the European Central Bank (ECB) and some of Europe’s largest companies call Frankfurt am Main, DE home. ServerHub has seen tremendous interest from German startups as well as many small and medium sized businesses in the region. The new Frankfurt am Main facility to enable ServerHub to deliver it’ »

We've added TeliaSonera International Carrier to our Transit Blend


Today we announced some pretty big news alongside with Eonix Communications, a privately held Co-Location and High Availability Transit Provider. Effective immediately TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC), the leading fiber based telecommunications service provider has been integrated into the ServerHub global IP backbone. We are extremely excited to have TeliaSonera incorporated into our transit blend. We »

A Warm Welcome from ServerHub to the CentOS Project


We are excited to announce that The CentOS Project, the leaders in Community based Linux OS distribution software have chosen ServerHub to host one of their CentOS Vault mirrors. The progression of our relationship with CentOS and providing them with Bleeding Edge Dedicated Servers to operate their vast array of archive data was a simple »