In Skilled Hands: A Data Center Technician’s Tasks


Data Center Operations If you're a business head, you might've already been briefed on the role that data centers play in your operations. Data centers house physical servers that store business information and let peers communicate with each other. The important and intensive tasks in a data center requires an expert eye to ensure the »

Lightning-Fast: A Look Into The NVIDIA Tesla K80


NVIDIA NVIDIA has long been known for its quality products, but the K80 GPU Accelerator is on another speed level. The enterprise-grade chip is used for specialized, intensive workloads, such as powering supercomputers to solve complex scientific questions. While other chips see uses in common, everyday tasks, the K80 is a creation of the Tesla »

Data Center Tech Work: A Closer Look


Every machine needs monitoring for it to stay functional. This explains why technicians are hired by companies to watch over equipment like physical servers or computers. Without people like them, no one would have a clue on how to operate or fix these electronic equipment. After all, technicians go through training in certain skills before »

5G Network, Cybersecurity, And The Internet Of Things


For tech experts, 5G is considered to be the most important network of this century. Internet usage is expected to reach faster speeds with the said iteration. For any individuals or organizations that rely on online connections for their daily routines or operations, this can be considered good news. With faster download speeds, this can »

How AI and Machine Learning can Improve Data Centers


Data centers play a crucial role in the collection and analysis of data for organizations across major industries. With the rise of data culture to speed up digital innovation, companies build data centers to facilitate data storage and processes. Companies have also started to develop business models that are data-driven to maximize the potential in »